Flavor Blasts!
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Want to enhance the flavor of the instant noodle and not completely transform them? Give our mouth-watering Nommin’ for Ramen Flavor Blasts a try! Whether you're in a hurry or just craving something delicious, our premium quality garlic, corn, soy protein, and seasonings blend will transform your noodles into a satisfying and flavorful meal in minutes.

Each packet is carefully crafted to provide a fantastic balance of salty, savory, and umami flavors that will delight your taste buds. It's perfect for busy days, lazy evenings, or any time you're craving something delicious.


Introducing our premium quality Killer Kimchi Flavor Blasts - a convenient and delicious way to enjoy the bold and complex flavors of kimchi anytime, anywhere. Our Killer Kimchi offers a perfect balance of tangy, sour, sweet, and spicy flavors that will awaken your taste buds with every bite. The unique combination of dried vegetables, including cabbage, onion, garlic, and chili pepper, gives the seasoning a rich and robust taste that compliments the mild taste of noodles perfectly. Whether you're looking for a quick lunch, a midnight snack, or a tasty meal on the go, our Killer Kimchi has got you covered.


Prepare for the White Pepper Sweater Flavor Blast - the perfect solution for a quick and spicy soup on the go! Made with the finest quality white pepper and other premium spices and seasonings, the White Pepper Sweater is a perfect blend of savory, earthy, and slightly spicy flavors that will warm you up on even the coldest of days.

With its unique and delicious flavor profile, it's perfect for those who enjoy trying new and exciting taste sensations. So why wait? Order our White Pepper Sweater Flavor Blast today and experience the delicious and comforting flavors we’ve crafted.